Our Inspiration

|| सत्यम् शिवम् सुन्दरम्||

Our source of inspiration is P.P. Bhaiyaji. At a very tender age, Bhaiyaji renounced the world and performed intense sadhanas in the depth of forests. With sheer determination and discipline, Bhaiyaji succeed in his sadhanas and gained access to various divine cosmic energies that exists in the universe.

Later, upon Guru Aagya, Bhaiyaji returned back to the world to spread the light of knowledge and divine bliss among us common folks. He travelled across various cities in India and conducted numerous shibbirs. Finally in September 2009, Bhaiyaji established Shiva Science in Goa.

Shiva Science, under the guidance of P.P. Bhaiyaji conducts various shibbirs. Many people have benefitted from these shibbirs and experienced divinity and bliss. Also, in these shibbirs, many people with acute diseases were attended by P.P. Bhaiyaji and cured.

About Us

|| सत्यम् शिवम् सुन्दरम् ||

Who we are?

We are a small charitable organization focussing on upbringing health and prosperity to the general mass.

Shiva Science uses sacred ancient Indian technique of the Sages and Rishi Munis to connect our body to the cosmic energy of the Universe and align in such a way that the body starts self healing by receiving the divine energies. Thus, opening the blockages step by step to bring health and enthusiasm. Our sessions are also beneficial to sadhaks and sadhvis as these sessions helps give momentum to their sadhanas and spiritual practices. It is just Connecting Yourself to the Divine Wisdom, in the presence of a Sadhguru.

We organise various programs such as:
  • General Healing.
  • Tattva Sadhana.
  • Specific Organ Healing.
  • Actively participating in Research and International Conferences.

Healing is done by P. P. Bhaiyaji and numerous people have been benefitted by his Grace. So, participate to be part of this and feel the divine Grace, for experience cannot be expressed in words!!!

Our Sessions

|| सत्यम् शिवम् सुन्दरम् ||

Healing Session

  • Healing is a process to connect our body to the cosmic energy.
  • Q & A with Bhaiyaji.
  • Simple and easy to perform.
  • These sessions are open to all.
  • Carry medical report if available.
  • There will be mahaprasad after the healing session.
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Tattva Sadhana

  • Cleansing of 5 tattvas (elements) in our body with cosmic energy.
  • Naadi shuddhi followed by Tattva balancing.
  • Very effective for acute diseases.
  • Beneficial for sadhaks and sadhviks for their spiritual growth.
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Tattva Sadhana

The body is largely made up of 5 elements viz. Earth (Pruthvi); Water (Jal); Fire (Agni); Air (Vayu) and Ether (Aakash). These elements in physical body receive energies from the planets as per the inner divinity of individual.

In adhyathama, there are seven major chakras namely Muladhar, Swadhisthan, Manipura, Anahata, Agya and Sahastrar in our body. These chakras act as receptors to absorb the energy from universe (planets). These chakras have to be open and big to absorb energy to maximum extent. This energy in turn improves the tatva proportion and quality.

In order to lead a good life, all these elements have to be balanced. If any of the Tattva is not balanced, its affects are seen on the human body, in the form of diseases, stress, anxiety and unhappiness. Thus person leads an unsatisfactory life.

Shiva Science Charitable Trust organizies tatva (element) shuddhi (purification) sadhana (dhyana) from the divine hands of our beloved Guru "Param Pujjya Shri Bhaiyaji", to elevate the level of consciousness and bring peace and happiness in our life.

TATVA SHUDDHI SADHANA purifies all the elements in our physical body to balance and harmonize them with the universal elements, thus allowing free flow of sufficient quantity of cosmic energy into body organs and our whole being. This in turn results in attaining perfection in daily works and all spheres of life.

The above picture depicts the correlation between various tattvas, organs and diseases. For more details click here.

Divine Works

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा     गुरुर्विष्णु     र्गुरुर्देवो     महेश्वरः | गुरु     साक्षात    परब्रह्मा    तस्मै     श्रीगुरवे    नमः ||

Bhagwat Geeta

परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् |
धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ||

Divya Charcha

चन्दनं शीतलं लोके चन्दनादपि चन्द्रमा : |
चन्द्र चन्दनयोर्मध्ये शीतला साधु संगितिः ||

Pitra Dosh Nivaran

Pitra Dosh refers to the inconvinence caused in our life due to unknown negative energies. A family that is experiencing Pitra dosh suffers various health problems and family crisis.

Vaastu Dosh Nivaran

Vaastu Dosh refers to the discomforts faced by an individual due to improper construction of house and inappropriate arrangement of things. It can lead to severe health problems and restlessness in once's life.

Bhagwat Geeta

परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् |
धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ||

Adhyay - 1

Adhyay - 2

Adhyay - 3

Adhyay - 4

Adhyay - 5

Adhyay - 6

Adhyay - 7

Adhyay - 8

For more videos on Bhagwat Geeta, please visit our Youtube Channel Shiva Science Charitable Trust.
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Divya Charcha

चन्दनं शीतलं लोके चन्दनादपि चन्द्रमा : |
चन्द्र चन्दनयोर्मध्ये शीतला साधु संगितिः ||

Healing Experience

Life of Bhaiyaji

Jyotirlinga and the meaning of Linga

Nadi Shuddhi

Problems in life and Sadhana

Guru Purnima 2017

For more videos on healing, meditation and other related topics, please visit our Youtube Channel Shiva Science Charitable Trust.
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Pitra Dosh Nivaran

|| सत्यम् शिवम् सुन्दरम् ||

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Part-1

Pitra Dosh Nivaran Part-2

For more videos on Pitra Dosh, please visit our Youtube Channel Shiva Science Charitable Trust.
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Vastu Dosh Nivaran

|| सत्यम् शिवम् सुन्दरम् ||

Vaastu Dosh Nivaran

Vaastu Dosh

Vaastu affects around 30% of our life. Due to vaastu dosh, an individual faces problems in self, family and business.
P.P. Bhaiyaji channels healing energies and nullifies vaastu dosh. In case there are major problems, minor solutions are suggested to make changes in the house.
The results can be seen after one month of healing.
NOTE: In case there is presence of pitra dosh, to see visible resutls, pitra dosh nivaran must be conducted first.

For more videos on Vaastu Dosh, please visit our Youtube Channel Shiva Science Charitable Trust.
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Research is formalized curiosity...

Effects of "Energy Healing" on Sugar levels of Diabetes Patients

The pilot clinical trial was designed and conducted to evaluate the following:
  • Does Healing energy really controls blood Sugar?
  • What should be the duration of each Healing session?
  • Does the effect of Energy Healing remains for a long period or does it gets washed off after some time?
  • What should be the frequency of Healing Sessions? Whether the sessions should be every third day, every second day or every day?
  • How many sessions are required to fully cure Diabetes in the patients?
  • Will it reflect in medical results of the patients?
  • Are there any adverse effects of the healing energy on patients?

It was observed that through healing blood sugar levels could be controlled. Also, it was observed that the effects of the sessions lasted for longer periods.
To download the report click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are the ornaments of seekers...

  • Healing is a process wherein our body is connected with the universal cosmic energies through meditation. It is alligned such that the flow of energy energizes various organs of the body thus bringing good health and vitality into our life.

  • Our healings are broadly classified into two categories. The first one is termed as Sarvajanik Healing or General Healing. In this healing, just like the name suggests, is open for all and is done for the general mass. The main focus in these sessions are mental peace, hypertension, cytica, skin-related diseases and many other common probems. These sessions are mostly introductory sessions wherein attendees can directly interact with P. P. Bhaiyaji so that they can decide a suitable energy that will work best for the given conditions.
    The next type of healing is Tattva Sadhana or Elemental Healing. In this sessions, specific organs are targeted so that they can be energized quickly. Tattva Sadhana is most beneficial for people suffering from acute diseases. They are conducted specifically for various organs such as heart, pancreas, ovaries, lungs etc. Special Tattva Sadhana are also conducted as and when their demand arises. Special sessions include eye sessions, heart sessions, vericose sessions and Saraswati Sadhana for students. The most important feature of Tattva Sadhana is that there are numerous sessions conducted on a given date which helps in faster recovery of the organs.

  • These sessions help you to increase your focus. After sessions, you will experience that your concentration has increased and so does tranquility of your mind. Since blockages of the chakras were cleaned, you will also experience that your sadhana has gained momentum.

  • Healing sessions can be attended by anyone irrespective of religion, nationality or caste.

  • In order to gain full benefit of the sessions, participants are requested to be present in the meditation hall before the session commence. Also, it is mandatory to keep mobiles switched-off, best is not to carry one into the mediation hall.

  • No. We do not demand any pre-requsites for these sessions. The sessions are open to all and everyone is welcomed. However, if you have your medical reports then please do carry as that will help us in proper understanding of the problem. Our team of doctors will examine the reports.

  • The charges for healing session is ₹ 200 / day. While, for the tattva sessions, first time payment is of ₹ 6500, which includes registration fee ₹ 5000 and ₹ 1500 charge of that day. Per day charge is ₹ 1500.

Shiva Science Charitable Trust

|| सत्यम् शिवम् सुन्दरम् ||

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